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Buying a new computer? Take a quick look at these 5 points

April 17, 2009

Frankly saying, computers never turn up to be latest. Today, you buy it brand new and tomorrow, it’ll surely be old and new one will take its place. But that does not mean that you should not buy one. Ok, now, tell me, by what qualities you judge a person? You’ll say… smart, intelligence, wit, looks.. And many of them. But still, I say, in the matter of computers, looks can surely be murderous. If you see some flashy covers and looks, don’t get tempted. Most of them don’t have anything. Let’s get to the point. When you buy a new computer, you’ll have to focus on following criteria.

1.  CPU

Well, that’s what most of people see. Speed of CPU goes in terms of hertz. Now, as faster computers are coming up, speed is measured in terms of GHz – Giga Hertz ~ 1012 Hertz. So, if you come by a 1 GHz computer, you’ll have speed equivalent to 1012 Hertz. Don’t go by numbers. This speed is nothing. According to today’s software needs, you must have computer having CPU frequency equivalent to 2.0 GHz.

2. RAM

That’s another important one. RAM, abbreviation for Random Access Memory, decides how many programs can your computer run and hold at a time. It also contributes to the speed of your computer. If you don’t need much, then 512 MB RAM is nice but if you are going to have Windows Vista(forget starter edition because that’s too old) then 1 GB RAM is must.

3. Cache

Consider your hard disk as cupboard full of files and folders and cache as a desk. In order to do work, CPU uses drawer (cache) to keep some handy files. The time taken by CPU to fetch data from hard drive is larger than from cache. So, cache helps you in data retrieval and this results in greater computer speed. You must have 3 MB of cache to work on smoothly.

4. Hard Drive

Now, that depends on you because if you have to store lots of things, then you’ll need bigger hard drive. If you are a normal user and have medium use of computer then a 120 GB hard disk is enough.

5. Processor

That’s CPU actually but here I refer the type. CPU has different clock rates and different types. Now a days, Core2Duo CPUs are getting popular. These are upgraded editions of what you call Pentium 4 processors. A Pentium 4 has 1 core while Core2Duo has 2 cores. With the advent of technology, Quad Core CPUs are there which have 4 cores. Higher the number of cores, higher will be the performance. A 2 GHz Intel Quad Core CPU will have double speed than Core2Duo which will even have double advantage over Pentium 4 CPU having the same frequency. For daily tasks, Core2Duo processor is nice to hang with.

Just keep in mind the above criteria and if you buy a computer according to that, you’ll surely not regret. If you have greater needs and have lots of money, then go and buy high profile computers. They are the best and if you go for them then make sure you have Intel Quad Core CPU in them.

Well, Still, I’m gonna update this post and will include more criteria to hang on with. So, please check it back again.


11th Science GSEB post exam papers available for free download

April 16, 2009

Physics April 2009 PaperMathematics April 2009 PaperChemistry April 2009 Paper

Download GSEB Exam April 2009 Science Stream Papers for free. These are papers whose exams have been commenced and are just meant for practice. I have scanned them using my new scanner. They are of very high quality. I also have got an OCR and I’ll be putting that ‘Text Recognized’ version soon. Other exam papers come from school itself. I’ll be uploading them as well soon.

GUIDE: Click the one which you want and you’ll soon be redirected to Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive. Click ‘Download’ on top-left corner to download these files.

Six ways to boost performance of your computer

April 15, 2009

Well, I’m terribly sorry for Windows XP users because the sixth way which I am going to reveal in this post will probably not work for you. If you analyze those six ways then probably, you can increase your computer’s speed to much extent than normal. Nothing’s better than a hardware upgrade but always power is not everything. You also need to apply brains. Just take a glance to the six ways mentioned below and you will surely enjoy computing at your home.

1.  Defragment

Defragmenting your PC is the best thing you can do to keep your PC in top form. When you actually install or download programs on your PC then, those files which you install or programs are stored at different locations. Of course, you might argue that you have placed them all in the same folder but still, they are logically in different locations. So, when you run a program, then the computer looks for all locations, jumping from one location to another. That seems to tire it and eventually slows down the performance. So, best way is to keep them all together. Windows has an advanced utility that helps you to defragment your computers files that are logically fragmented. You’ll find it in Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Windows Disk Defragmenter. Run that tool and select all hard drives and click Defragment. This process could take to 5-6 hours. Be patient. That 5-6 hours would make your computer zoom after all’s over.

2.  Scan Disk or Check Disk

This might sound to you of something sort of virus scanner, but I’m telling you, this tool is much more than that. Scan Disk (Called as Check Disk in MS DOS) is a tool that helps you to search fix errors called ‘Bad Sectors’ on your hard drive/partition. If you are having trouble retrieving data from your hard drive, then this tool is a must. This tool can not only scan computer hard drives but can fix errors on almost any kind of storage device such as Digital Cameras, iPods etc. So, next time, if you are having trouble listening to music of has your mobile caught Alzheimer’s then scanning it with this tool is a must.

3.  Tell computer to focus on performance

That’s what you heard. You can order your computer to focus on performance rather than doing miscellaneous non-visual tasks. Yes that would curb some of the flashy stuff that you observe on screen like animations and special effects that occur on your computer, but if you want to get faster, then you need to compromise. To do this, follow these…

  1. Click on ‘Start’ button.
  2. Right-Click on ‘My Computer’ and click on ‘System Properties’.
  3. Click on ‘Advanced’ Tab.
  4. Under ‘Performance’ click on ‘Settings’.
  5. Select ‘Visual Effects’ tab if not selected and then click on ‘Adjust for best performance’ radio button.
  6. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’.

That should take less than a minute to get applied. You might observe some change, but now, as you work on your PC, you will feel that you are moving faster.

4.  Virus Scan

Absolutely dumb worms and terrifying viruses are needed to be removed before they shut your computer down permanently. Yes, Viruses can slow down your computer drastically and this applies too much to worms. Worms, reside in memory of your computer and go on replicating itself till it makes your computer force to halt. It is very important to update your virus scanner before you begin to perform a scan because 100s of viruses are being discovered and invented daily. If your computer does not know about the latest virus, then it might allow that virus assuming it as trusted! In order to avoid this, you should regularly at least update your Virus Scanner. If you think that your virus scanner is not doing great, then you can download ‘Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool’ or if you want to escape this virus mania, then go and buy a Mac from apple because Macs do not catch viruses. NEVER.

5.  Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is an ultimate tool to throw off all viruses from your computer, you can download it from following link:

I am referring this to you because I had a very serious virus problem on my laptop. Being a genuine user, I consulted Microsoft about it. They first of all gave me vivid ways to fix, but ultimately, they understood that the problem was being created by a virus. They suggested me this tool and so, I am suggesting it to you.

6.  Windows ReadyBoost and Windows ReadyDrive

As I said before, it is a regret to Windows XP user for not having this utility. Windows ReadyBoost is a feature that allows you to use certain Pen-Drives or Flash-Drives or MMC/SD cards as RAM of your computer. If you have 512 MB RAM and you use a 4 GB ReadyBoost compatible storage device, then you will get a whooping 1.5 GB as RAM. Windows ReadyBoost utilizes the space of your ReadyBoost compatible Pen-Drive/Flash Drive/MMC Card/SD Card as RAM and adds it to your physical RAM. It works perfectly and really increases performance. Do not worry, almost all new storage devices are ReadyBoost compatible. Suspicious about it? Look for Windows ReadyBoost Logo on the package or ask the retailer. According to my knowledge, Windows ReadyBoost is available to Windows Vista only.

Try above six steps on your PC and you might experience the difference. Share your experience with us by commenting on this post. Any questions? Feel free to comment…..

Get a website absolutely free (no extra charges)

April 2, 2009

Here’s a website provider called Weebly that provides you with free website. You can customize your website the way you want. You can also select from hundreds of templates or you can even create a template for yourself.

You can also purchase a domain at extremely low cost

Building a website with Weebly is very easy. For editing, there’s a drag and drop interface and allows you to earn money online with Google Adsense too.

Thinking this unbelievable?

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Safari 4 – Review at First Glance

March 28, 2009

Well, I hope you all have read my previous article on Safari 4 because that would be of great help to you while you go through this one.

Firstly, when you launch the Safari 4 from desktop, first thing you note is the speed with which this program launches and it’s quite impressive too. On my VAIO, Safari 4 launches at an average 1.8 seconds. As, First Impression is the Last Impression, Safari 4 starts marking it’s existence as World’s Fastest Web Browser from the very beginning.

When you launch it, by default, you would see a page displaying ‘Top Sites’ in a wonderful way.

image In the bottom left corner, you will observe a small button styled in apple way, captioned as ‘Edit’ That actually edits the list of top sites list. When you click on it, you will get something like this on every tile of site.


On the top left corner of every tile lies two buttons, one for cancelling a website from being displayed on the top sites page and one for pinning the site on the top sites page so that you can view them later on. As you surf the web, the list of websites recently and frequently visited by you gets updated dynamically. When you click on a tile from Top Sites, you get a smooth animation expanding the website on your page. Also, from edit option, you can set tile size and depending on that, Apple sets the number of tiles displayed on the page.

This time Apple has worked pretty hard for making Safari nice to use. You can see imitation of Google Chrome style interface because as in Google Chrome, you have tabs mounted on the title bar. With Google chrome, it also imitates the Internet Explorer by merging all menus into just two menus. From the settings menu, you can enable or disable menu bar at any time.

From surfing point of view, Safari 4 makes video streaming an amazing experience. You can view videos clearly on web page. Also, the power of surfing safari provides is widened by addition of ‘Silverlight 2’ in the plug-in. Now, from windows, you can get view of Clear view of Silverlight from safari which makes it more pleasant to see.

Another new thing Apple introduces us is the Cover flo in ‘History’ folder. Now, you can browse your history by not only seeing the names of your sites but also by actually seeing them. Apple has not released the retail version of this software but we do have the beta version. In this version sometimes we faced an issue regarding stability while viewing the history in cover flo. We hope retail version of Safari 4 has got this problem resolved. Take a look at the newly designed History Folder:

Safari 4 :: History Folder

There’s a history behind this history folder. Apple first introduced it’s cover flo concept in it’s iPods and since then it has been using it. I can also see cover flo being used in Apple Mac OS X Leopard too. Here, you are not only dependant on the cover flo but you can also view your pages from the list below. But remember, as you change the selection the cover flo selection will also change.

There are many things in safari 4 which are also quite useful like ‘Private Browsing’. By private browsing, you can browse internet privately. Frankly speaking, when you have private browsing mode on, whatever site you visit, will not be recorded in the history folder. Cookies will be accepted but will be deleted as soon as you close the private browsing mode.

Another wonderful thing with Safari 4 is, that was available in Safari 3 too, and that is Snap Back. It is very useful tool that helps you return to search results. Suppose you are searching something using some search engine and you come up with search results. You click on one of the results and you go on navigating that using the same tab. Then, to go back, you will have to go back plenty of times. Instead, you will have a snap back icon besides the search box. As soon as you click that, your recent search list from where you started will be displayed.

So, that’s all about safari 4 beta and if you want more, you may visit Apple website.

Apple brings Safari 4 – Best Web Experience ever! Here’s a quick review.

March 27, 2009

Not to be surprised but still apple has not left the battle field. Recently, Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 8 with all new features and add-ons. I’m sure you won’t miss that because that would ‘try it’s best’ to give you the best experience on a high speed connection. But what is you have a low speed connection or just the high speed connection isn’t available to you. Well, then if you are a tech geek, then the answer must be on the tip of your tongue. Apple Safari!. Apple Safari is the fastest web browser to date no matter what I have written in the ‘Want to browse even faster?…’ post but the new version of safari has got extremely stunning features. It boasts the all new features like the new Apple’s Cover Flo Concept in ‘History’ folder while still making the 3D looking Top Sites wall shine at home page. And what’s the best thing about it?, you can see screenshots of your pages you visited directly in the history folder and screenshots of pages you visit most on the Top Sites Wall. Apple hasn’t released the final version of Safari 4 but Beta version has been released.

While analyzing the Safari 4 beta, I was able to look many cool animations which occur mostly in the ‘Top Sites’ page.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 despite of it’s reloaded and stuffed features could not overcome the Safari 4 because it seems too heavy. Really heavy because it takes a lot of time to launch while the Safari would launch in just 2-3 seconds as in apple style.

Safari 4 beta :: Title bar mounted Tabs

Safari 4 beta :: Title bar mounted Tabs

Interface seems to match much of Google chrome because of the mounted tabs in the title bar. Getting curious? Take a look at the ‘Top Sites’ Page:

Safari 4 beta Screenshot

Safari 4 beta Screenshot

And here’s a quick look at the History’s cool Cover Flo.

Safari 4 beta :: History Page Screenshot

Safari 4 beta :: History Page Screenshot

Hi! Here’s a nice puzzle for you.

March 2, 2009

Yesterday, while I was talking with my friend, he emerged out with this puzzle and asked me. I was not able to solve it so he gave me some time. Entire day I thought of it and I was ultimately unable to solve this puzzle. Then next day he gave he the solution. So, I thought of entertaining the readers with this mind twisting puzzle. The Puzzle is as follows:

You are given 10 boxes. There are 10 Gold chains weighing 10 grams each, in each of nine boxes. In the tenth box, you have 10 gold chains weighing 11 grams each. You are given electronic weighing machine to weigh these boxes and tell which one has gold chains weighing 11 grams but the condition is, you can use this electronic weighing machine only once. You can also not put all chains and remove one by one. Once you put weight on weighing machine, that’s all. All chains look alike.

Solve this puzzle as quickly as you can and post your solution or query as comment.